This dragon just needs a break.

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Here are the kissing prompts I did late last night cause dextronoms really just likes to watch me obsess over these two no matter how much I try to move away

Lady Dwarf and Iron Bull are too damn cute I hate it 

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Earl Foolish AW14 - Blodmagi preview

You can now preview the AW14 collection in the webshop. I’ve decided to push the release until wednesday (Sept 3rd). In the presale, all prices will be 20% off what you can see now, and it will last for two weeks. Product names and descriptions will most likely be change and/or updated.

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What I’ve done cannot be undone. I cannot stop what I’ve put in motion. But, perhaps, I can keep it from ever starting. He was my first hope, and now he is my last.

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